271 Indian Christians accused of using drugs to force conversions

Charges have been brought against 271 Christians regarding various accusations ranging from using drugs to spreading misinformation about Hinduism in order to convert people to Christianity.

According to Voice of the Martyrs, an organisation that serves persecuted Christians, it's claimed the Christians were convincing people to attend a church in Baldeh village.

The court heard that the Christians allegedly distributed "prohibited medicines and drugs" and then evangelised while users were under the influence of narcotics.


Todd Nettleton from Voice of the Martyrs told Mission Network News: "The court, instead of saying that's ridiculous, they actually allowed the charges to go forward.

"So now we have a First Information Report against 271 people for this charge of talking bad about Hinduism and it all goes back to those anti-conversion laws that are written to keep Christian groups and other groups from talking to Hindus about changing their faith."



Anti-conversion laws have been used many times to target Christians and other religious minorities in India. They are also used to prevent Hindus converting to other faiths.

Nettleton added: "That's what these anti-conversion laws are, they are completely unreasonable, they completely undermine the promise of religious freedom that the Indian Constitution contains, and yet here we are again with a case where 271 people have been charged based on these completely unjust laws."

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