1,250 Latin Americans trained through Christianity Explored

1,250 people have been trained to use the Christianity Explored evangelism course in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

There are now an average of 100 people trained in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Chile

26,000 copies of Mark's gospel (on which the Christianity Explored course is based) have already been provided for people to give away to their non-Christian contacts in these nations.



'The Prisoner's Journey' version of Christianity Explored is already well established in the region, with nearly 35,000 people having gone through the programme in 2018.

However, the CEM team say there is still a long way to go to reach the region with the gospel.

In Uruguay, for example, over half of its 3.4m residents claim to be Roman Catholics but only about 2% attend mass regularly.

Christianity Explored has partnered with Kep James in in Bolivia to provide training and resources to church pastors there and Billy King from Christianity Explored in North America to lead evangelism conferences in the region.



Billy King said: "One of the tragic distortions of the Gospel that evangelicals face in Latin America is the prosperity gospel. Pastors have told me the Christianity Explored materials are a tremendous help in clarifying the true Gospel."

The first conference led by Mr King was in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and was attended by 30. The following weekend in Temuco, Chile, 120 people, mostly pastors, attended the second conference and were given course materials to use for evangelism and church planting.

There will be two further Christianity Explored conferences in Colombia in October this year in Bogota and Cartagena.


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