Youtube the key to youth evangelism?

New research suggests a high percentage of Gen Z have changed their mind because of something on Youtube. 

With 94% of 'Generation Z', those born ater 1995, on social media daily, a Christian organisation says the church need to be there too if they are going to hear the gospel. 

The Christian charity Youth For Christ have conducted research into the online habits of young people to see how the church can reach them appropriately.

In the report, released on Monday, 'Generation Z' were found to be much more involved in Youtube than they were in previous research, seeing themselves as 'curators' rather than consumers of content.



In May 2017, Youth for Christ found that 94% of young people engage with social media daily and 75% engage with YouTube everyday. The report also identified YouTube as the most effective space for sharing Jesus with young people online.

A second blind survey of 1001 11-18 year old young people was then done across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Half the children and young people were asked about their habits and attitudes towards social media, whereas the second set were asked about their use of YouTube.

Youtube had the most popularity when it came to how young people wanted to spend their time online and it ranked top when asked to state their top three platforms.

Music streaming and vlogs were the most commons reasons for going on Youtube and within vlogs, 61% said they like to watch youtubers talking about their passions.

Speaking about how these results can help the church evangelise to young people, Church Resources Director, Laura Hancock, told Premier: "A high percentage as well said stuff they'd viewed online has changed their mind or opinion.

"As an older generation we have wisdom that we can pass on to younger generations about how to effectively share faith - where they have the tools maybe we have the wisdom.

"It's an incredible window to share faith if you're actually able to communicate in that space in an effective way".

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