Vicky Beeching: I'd like to enter a gay marriage

Worship leader and theologian Vicky Beeching has told Premier Christianity she'd eventually like to find a same sex partner and get married.

The Christian singer came out as gay yesterday at the age of 35.

Speaking to Premier she said: "I think my goal is to find a soul mate and get married.

"God said it's not good that people are alone and obviously that's rooted in a passage that most people think defends heterosexual marriage only, but for me, I just think it's a principle that God wants us to be in community and he's made most of us, unless we're called to celibacy, to find that other person.

"I would want to find a person to marry in a way that Paul describes - laying down our lives for one another.

"Someone that loves God, that has a strong Christian faith, that I can serve and they can serve me.

"I think that's something I've always missed, having that comrade and partner to run through life with.

"I think I'm ready to find that."

In an extended interview with Premier she said she still identifies herself as an Evangelical Christian.

"I think for me, Evangelicalism is rooted in many things," she said.

"Loving the Bible, having a high view of scripture, having a passion for social justice and wanting to share the good news about Jesus.

"These are all things I hold true to so I don't really see why this should be a black and white issue that casts me out," she added.

Ed Shaw is same-sex attracted but chose to remain celibate.

He works with the group Living Out which looks to support Christians who experience same sex attraction and says the Bible is very clear on the issue of homosexuality.

He told Premier: "There's a clarity on the issue of whether gay sex is right or wrong throughout scripture at every stage.

"It's one of the building blocks of scripture, that marriage is between a man and a women in a way that isn't the case when it comes to divorce or women in leadership.

"We're not at liberty to change what the Bible says about the morality of gay sex.

"[Jesus] didn't say at any stage in his ministry that gay sex was fine and because Jesus didn't I can't change my mind on that.

"Vicky Beeching is sadly wrong to change her mind on that.

"Actually what the Bible teaches in this area is good for her, good for me, once we've got rid of the wrong hypocritical attitude and the wrong application of it."

In her initial interview with The Independent she described a time when she asked for prayer at a large Christian event.

At the conference she said a group prayed over her that the demon of homosexuality would free her but she found the experience "degrading" and "humiliating".

There had been speculation the event could have been Soul Survivor but the theologian said that wasn't the case.

"I think it's important for me to say it wasn't Soul Survivor.

"I don't feel comfortable naming the place it was but Soul Survivor are very dear to my heart."

The full interview with Vicky Beeching will appear in a forthcoming edition of Premier Christianity.

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