UK churches urge Christians to 'Think, Pray and Vote' ahead of the EU elections

Churches across the country are calling on believers to seek God in the run up to the Eurpoean elections and make their vote count.

The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) which represents the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, has issued a briefing to encourage Christians to engage with the issues dividing the country and pray for change.

The organisation says Christians have a responsibility to make their voices heard in times of difficulty.



JPIT's spokesman Paul Morrsion told Premier: "If Christians aren't part of the debate and aren't voting, then that voice won't be heard.

"And we will leave the playing field for those who don't share Christian values. And, at this point in time of great change in our nation, it's really important that Christian values are seen and they are heard"

With the elections taking place in two weeks' time, the briefing gives information on the issues to be considered and how people can be praying into the political situation.

Mr Morrison stated: "It's not the place of churches to tell people who to vote for. It's the place of churches to talk about what Christian values are and how they might bring about justice in this nation."

As a country that is currently divided on many issues, JPIT hopes to help inform readers and inspire a greater trust in God.

Paul Morrison said: "What we're seeing in our nation at this time is huge changes that are much greater than the European election votes, and I think probably greater than Brexit. That's causing lots of anxiety and stress and an uncertain future is frightening to many people.

"My prayer is that people know that God is with them and that God is ahead of us. Through all of these turmoils, there is a God who can provide comfort and certainty when perhaps other things that we relied on for comfort and certainty are disappearing."


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