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The one thing that stopped Stephen Fry becoming a priest

Actor and writer Stephen Fry has revealed just how close he came to becoming a priest.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show on BBC 1 he explained how his love of the Church led him down a path towards ordination.


"When I was a teenager I loved so much about the Church - the music, the liturgy, the architecture," he said. "I liked the clothes...I knew I could deliver fantastic sermons.

"I was sent to see the Bishop of Lynn who decided I would make a wonderful priest but there was one small problem in that I didn't believe in God."

His career led in a different direction which has seen him last some 40 years in the entertainment business winning numerous awards for his writing, acting and comedy.

The 61-year-old went on to reveal he still has a strong connection with the Church.

He said: "I love everything about the Church I just can't take the story seriously...I can't take the final leap."

Back in 2015 Fry received widespread criticism after labelling God "mean minded and stupid".

Police in Ireland, where he made the comment, subsequently investigated under the country's blasphemy laws.

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