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TV vicar: I had my bottom pinched at a funeral while wearing full robes

The Rev Kate Bottley has told of her shock at having her bottom pinched while wearing her robes and conducting a funeral service.

The ex-Gogglebox star told The Naked Podcast that the incident happened a few years ago.

"I asked him not to do it and he said he thought I would find it funny," said the 43-year-old.


"Even in full robes at a funeral someone can come on to you. If you're a woman there will be someone, usually a bloke, who will find something to sexualise you for."

The BBC Radio 2 presenter was interviewed on The Naked Podcast, in which the guest and hosts Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells, strip off.

The Church of England priest said: "I don't think I have ever been naked in front of someone who wasn't a member of my family since I was about two."

And she said she did not know why "Christians and people of faith are seen as such prudes" about sex.

She told the podcast, for Radio Sheffield: "Sex is one of the most beautiful things you can do in a loving couple. "

She added that she was fed up with people commenting about her changing weight over the years.

"I do a lot of funerals and never in a eulogy have I mentioned what size someone is.

"I've talked about how much fun they've been and what they've achieved in their life and who they loved.

"People on their deathbed never talk about dusting, they never talk about diets, they talk about the people who they've loved," she said.

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