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Survey reveals low levels of Bible reading among Christian millennials

1,942 people between 18 and 35 were asked their opinions on the Bible.

Engagement with the Bible among Christians was obviously higher than millennials in general but only around 49% belivers said they read it more than once a month.

9% of practising Christians said they read it every day and 13% a few times a week, 13% said every week and 17% said they read it a few times a year, meaning around 51% of practising Christians read it less than once a month. 

The survey was commissioned the Bible Society, designed by CODEC at the University of Durham, conducted by Comres and analysed by Barna Global. 

47% all millennials asked said they haven't listened or engaged with the Bible in the last year but 29% engage with it once a month or more.

For those who had heard or read a Bible verse in the last year, which could include Christians and non-Christians, the places this primarily happened was at home (29%), at a special service, such as a wedding or funeral (22%), or at a regular church service (12%).

Special services became the most common reason to hear from the Bible once you account for only non-Christians.

The reasons for engaging with the Bible among all categories, which could include simply being at a service, were mostly 'to comfort me' (30% of those who'd read it in the last year) and 'to inspire me' (29%). Other reasons included to bring them closer to God and seeking guidance.

48% of millennials said they didn't have a relationship with the Bible.

34% said they see Bible verses shared on social media at least monthly but most said they do not pay attention to verses shared online.

About one-quarter though said the Bible verses people share online make Christianity more appealing to them. 

Among the non-religious, 50% said they had neither a negative nor positive feeling towards Christianity.

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