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Richard and Judy star says Christians shouldn't cherry-pick which Bible verses they believe

One half of the celebrity Richard and Judy duo has challenged the claim by a Church of England bishop that people should not refer to God only as 'He'.

Richard Madeley suggested the Bishop of Gloucester's stance contradicts the Bible and Christians ought to accept the scriptures in their entirety.

In a heated column for the Daily Express, the 62 year old, who is not a Christian, wrote sarcastically: "So, Jesus was wrong about God's gender. So are the scriptures.


He continued: "But if the Bible is wrong about that, what else might it be wrong about? The virgin birth? The miracles? Christ's resurrection? Everything?

"You either believe in something or you don't."

Earlier this month, Rt Rev Rachel Treweek (pictured below) told the Sunday Telegraph she tries to avoid referring to God with male-gendered language.

Concerned it could alienate non-Christians, she was quoted by the newspaper as saying: "I don't want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as 'He'"



Madeley has publicly acknowledged he does not identify as a Christian but he once considered himself a member of the Church of England.

The Bible consistently references God in the masculine gender and Jesus referred to God as "my Father" on numerous occasions - including in one conversation with his earthly parents in Luke 2:49.

Madeley continued: "I don't happen to believe in God, or that Jesus was the Son if God, or that He was born of Immaculate Conception.

"But if I was a Christian surely I'd have to? Isn't that the deal? Otherwise... well, what's the point?"

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