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Rev Kate Bottley: People ask me for selfies at funerals

Former Gogglebox star Rev Kate Bottley has revealed that she has been asked to pose for selfie photographs during funeral services.

The 43-year-old, who still services as an associate minister since embarking on a television and radio career, told The Mirror she was once asked for a picture as a service was about to commence.

She explained: "I once had someone ask literally as we were going into church at a funeral and I had to suggest there were more appropriate moments."


The married mother-of-two described how her motivation for joining Gogglebox was to change how people perceive clergy.

Referring to the popular Channel 4 reality show, which has spawned eleven series, she said: "I did Gogglebox because I wanted to show that someone who has a religious faith can be fun.

"We go to the pub, we go dancing in Rock City on a Friday night. Everyone thinks vicars aren't real people, but that's how we can do what we do.


"We have the same struggles and questions and issues as everyone else, that's how we can sit down with people and have empathy."

Rev Bottley also spoke about how she first began attending church because she had a crush - her now husband of 20 years, Graham.

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