Pro-life supporters march to UK parliament

The March for Life aims to show politicians that many people want to protect the rights on the unborn. 

On Saturday, pro-life campaigners will march to Parliament Square in central London, in opposition to any change in abortion law which could see the circumstances which allow the practise liberalise. 

Currently, abortion is allowed in specific scenarios and pro-choice campaigners say it can be too hard to get an abortion when the woman wants it and that mothers should be given more of a say in the decision.

Involved in organising the day is Regan King, a Christian pro-life supporter. He told Premier: “We’re going to be having sometime of worship and praise.

“There’s going to be some live music, some seminars talking about abortion, talking about how we can best help our culture, which seems to love the idea of abortion in many ways but at the same time still maintains some moral conflictions over it”

“Hopefully it will be an encouraging time as well as we hear stories of God’s grace, mercy and redemption in many people’s lives.”

One of the main Christian speakers is Rachel MacKenzie who will share her story of having had two abortions and coping with it afterwards.

The group will walk to Westminster in the afternoon: “We’re going to be marching from the Connaught rooms nears Holborn to Parliament Square where we will finish with hearing from Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and engaging in group prayer.”

Regan said: “The aim of the day is to encourage and inspire Christians who have a concern for the pre-born child as well as to be a visible voice and an audible voice for the pre-born child to the city of London.”

The March for Life has been taking place in Birmingham in recent years but now hopes to get more attendees and publicity in London.

Regan King added they want to show politicians: “There is a significant number of people who actually do care about the life of the pre-born child as well as the mother.”

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