Pray for release of information says Claudia Lawrence's family

10 years since Claudia Lawrence went missing, candles have been lit in York Minster and her father's friend asks for prayers for answers. 

On 19th March 2009, Claudia Lawrence, then 35, was reported missing to the police by her father Peter, having not turned up for a drink with her friend the night before nor turned up to work the next day.

Her body was never found and no one has ever been charged with murder.

On Monday, a press briefing was held in the Lady Chapel in York Minster with candles lit to remember her.


 Claudia's parents both have a Christian faith, with her mother Joan Lawrence saying on Monday: "I think we will get an answer. I pray every day that I will get one".

Peter Lawrence couldn't attend as he was told by doctors to stay at home but he insisted that the friends went ahead with the briefing in the chapel.

Friend and spokesperson for her father, Martin Dales, told Premier: "it was a very peaceful place to do a press briefing...we're always amazed that they [the press] keep coming".

Speaking of Peter Lawrence, he said: "I've been amazed, having been on this jounrey with him for ten years, that he's stayed as well as he has done's a privilege to be with someone who's got so much energy and desire to find answers for Claudia".

Describing mr Lawrence's hope, Mr Dales said; "He has a faith too, as with all of us, our faith manifests in different ways...obviously we all deal with these things slightly differently but he said on radio stations this morning that he would not have been probably here if he hadn't got a faith".

Martin Dales asked for prayer for Peter's recovery and for the truth to be revealed: "There is a lot of misguided thinking going on from some people somewhere who seem to think it's a good idea to keep from the family, and particularly the police, who's done what - because something clearly happened.

"It is misguided loyalty if that's what it is.

"The big prayer is, and was certainly in the Minster, that that would not be the case for much longer because it's just gone on too long and the waiting is painful".



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