Poll: Young adults the most confident about sharing their faith at work

Young adults in Britain feel more comfortable about sharing their faith at work than their parents and grandparents, a survey has revealed.

Sixty-two per-cent of those aged between 18 and 24-years-old would happily tell colleagues what they believe, according to research carried out by ComRes.

Older generations were found to be less willing to talk about Christianity to their fellow workers (between 34 and 56-per-cent, depending on which age bracket they fell into).


The poll found younger adults were more likely to question a perception Christians are a negative force in society (51-per-cent - compared to a range between 38-per-cent and 49-per-cent in other age groups).

One third of young adults belonging to what has been referred to as the post-Millennial generation - or Generation Z - said they attend church services, compared to a range of 22-per-cent and 31-per-cent reported in older age brackets.


Considering Brits of all ages, the research found ten-per-cent of people thought religion is a negative influence on society, while 44-per-cent said they have had a positive experience of Christians and Christianity.

More than 4,000 people took part in the study, which was commissioned by Hodder Faith and Home for Good to coincide with the release of Dr Krish Kandiah's new book Faitheism.

Click here to listen to Premier Inspirational Breakfast's Rosie Wright and John Pantry speaking with Dr Krish Kandiah:

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