Church of England

PM to have no choice on appointment of archbishop

The UK's next prime minister will lose their right to choose between candidates for bishop and archbishop positions, following a change in the Church of England rules.

In a move passed by General Synod, the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), which is responsible for providing the prime minister with names of candidates to be diocesan bishops in the Church of England, will now be able to put forward just a single candidate for approval.

Prior to this change, Church rules stated that the names of two candidates must be submitted for approval by the prime minister, in order of preference.


Each name had to be supported by two-thirds of the CNC and if an agreement couldn't be reached for both candidates, the selection process would have to begin again.

This change of policy will ensure that the submission of a first choice will not be dependent on the agreement of a second.

Following the announcement of Rt Revd Richard Frith's retirement from Hereford Cathedral this coming November, the CNC will be putting these new rules into effect as they meet to select the names for his replacement next week.


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