Liverpool Cathedral

PICTURES: Giant replica of earth goes on display inside Liverpool Cathedral

A 23ft replica of planet earth is going on display on Saturday inside Liverpool Cathedral ahead of the city's River festival.

The 3D installation will rotate once every four minutes - 360 faster than our real planet.

Renowned artist Luke Jerram created it and called it Gaia, which in Greek means the personification of the earth.


The artwork will be one of the key pieces in the Changing Tides creative programme and will feature NASA imagery of the earth's surface.

Peter Byrne/PA Wire


Visitors during certain times of the day will have the opportunity free of charge to experience Gaia with a specially made surround sound composition by BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones.

Peter Byrne/PA Wire


The piece will be floating above the heads of visitors to the cathedral until 23rd June.


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