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Male speakers 'still dominate UK Christian conferences'

The majority of speakers appearing at national UK Christian conferences such as Spring Harvest and the Keswick Convention continue to be men, new research has revealed.

In its latest annual report, the Project 3:28 initiative - which advocates for 50/50 gender representation - concluded 62 per cent in 2018 were male (38 per cent were female).

Authors named the Premier Digital Awards (52 per cent male/48 per cent female), Greenbelt (45/55) and New Wine (56/44) among those who offered the most equitable mix of male and female speakers in 2018.


Its authors said: "It is six years since we began gathering data on the number of women and men speaking at Christian events, and so we wanted to celebrate those events that have most increased the equity of their platform over the past six years."


Word Alive (87/13), the Keswick Convention (85/15) and Bible by the Beach (79/21) were found to be among the "least balanced" platforms.

Some 1,337 speakers were included in the latest statistics. Of them, 823 were male, while 514 were female.


The number of events included in the research has grown - from 25 events in 2017 to 34 last year.

Only speakers listed in adult programmes were included in the figures - worship leaders, as well as the leaders of child and youth sessions were excluded.

Alex Williams/Premier


Conservative-leaning denominations in the UK have long-held theological objections to the role of women in church leadership, however more liberal ones are in favour of having female leaders.

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