MP says Justin Welby should resign after commenting on government issues

An MP has said the Archbishop of Canterbury should quit his position after commenting on how the Church would work with the TUC to reduce inequality in the workforce and hold businesses to account. 

Most Rev Justin Welby told the TUC’s Congress Guide ahead of his speech at the group’s conference on Wednesday that the Church will form new partnerships with various unions and ensure that “oppressed” people are protected from “cruel employers”.


“Holding businesses to account and making sure the needs of people are put at the centre is vital,” he said. 

“Christian faith starts with knowing that each of us is loved by God and are of infinite value to God.

“Therefore, the value of every human being is the same. Jesus was very practical about applying these values.

“The TUC grew out of the need to come together to defend vulnerable and oppressed workers against overmighty and cruel employers. It is one expression amongst many of what it means to value human beings and care for human dignity.”

Archbishop Justin’s comments were met with some resistance. 

According to The Express, MP Phillip Davies said the archbishop should quit his role and join the Labour Party if he wants to comment on government affairs. 

Mr Davies said: “Justin Welby ought to consider removing his dog collar and replacing it with a Labour Party rosette.

“No wonder church attendances are so poor - another member of the metropolitan Elite establishment out of touch with the silent majority.”

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