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Justin Welby to head new citizens’ assembly over Brexit

It's been reported that plans are in the works for the Archbishop of Canterbury to chair a citizens’ assembly in efforts to stop a no-deal Brexit.

According to The Times, Most Rev Justin Welby is in talks with a cross-party group of senior MPs about the series of meetings, which would start next month in Coventry Cathedral.

The assembly, which will be comprised of 100 people, will put together proposals to parliament with suggestions on how on the UK can leave the European Union with a deal.


Frank Field, a Christian, and chairman of the work and pensions select committee who campaigned for Brexit in 2016, told The Times that he agrees with the idea.

 “I support any means by which we might be able to come, as a country, towards a negotiated Brexit, and therefore I’m really pleased with what the assemblies are trying to do,” he said.

“I’m anxious for trying to find ways, even at this late hour, of leaving with an agreement that, for example, protects the supply route to Vauxhall Motors at Ellesmere Port where many of my constituents work."

The Times reports that the 100 members selected for the assembly will be balanced in terms of gender, social background, political views, and how they voted in the referendum.

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