Ireland's Protestant and Catholic leaders unite for 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer movement

Archbishop Justin Welby and Pope Francis are inviting Christians throughout the world to join them in praying for salvation.

The 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative takes place from May 30 - June 9 and asks believers to intentionally pray for five people to come to know Jesus between the days of Ascension and Pentecost; the period that signifies Jesus returning to heaven before the gift of the Holy Spirit is given at Pentecost.

The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, who originally gave the invitation to pray to the Church of England in 2013, asked Pope Francis to share his encouragements to those taking part in the initiative that has spread across Christian traditions and grown into an international call to prayer.



Pope Francis said: "This is the cry of all Christians,on the Day of Pentecost. Come Holy Spirit - the promise of the Father; the promise of Jesus, that the Holy Spirit might enlarge and widen our hearts.

To you, my brothers and sisters, with my brother Justin Welby, we want to tell you that we walk along side you in this prayer - thy Kingdom come." He added.

This 'prayer for five' seeks to see more people encounter the love of God and the power of His Holy Spirit as they ask God's kingdom to come into the lives of many.

Reflecting on the power of prayer, Archbishop William Temple said: "When I pray, coincidences happen; when I don't, they don't!"

The global prayer movement hopes to encourages Christians around the world to pray with increased faith and expectation for more people to come to know Jesus.


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