Humanists tell Christians not to complain over Easter eggs

Shoppers should not be "duped" into believing criticism that marketing and packaging for chocolate Easter eggs do not go far enough to promote the season's Christian roots, humanists have said.

Humanists UK warned people against yielding to "eggsaggeration" among Christian groups it says have been behind a "long line of accuse others of sabotaging the 'true Easter message'".

Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Richy Thompson said: "While Christians celebrate Easter for different reasons, for the vast majority of us Easter is just a fun celebration where we enjoy extra days off work and school, spend time with our families, and eat more chocolate than usual.


"If a company wants to promote a Christian message on its Easter eggs then that's fine, but this reality is not justification for a false 'Christian persecution' narrative and really does harm to appreciating the much more serious persecution many people face around the globe."


The group, which campaigns for a secular UK state, previously accused Christian campaigners of creating a "storm in an eggcup" when Cadbury was accused of dropping the word 'Easter' from its annual National Trust egg hunt in 2017.

Lucy Lawson/PA Wire


Richy Thompson added: "The farce which targeted Cadbury and the National Trust in 2017 was an overstated, ridiculous attempt to promote Christianity with chocolate Easter eggs and we hope there is no such 'eggsaggeration' this year."



Last month, the industry watchdog said firms must "tread carefully" and ensure Easter-themed advertising does not cause "serious or widespread offence" among Christians.

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