Female players to represent Anglican Church in big game against Vatican

The Archbishop of Canterbury's cricket team will be welcoming its first female players to join them in a match against the Vatican this summer.

 Thea Smith and Becky Heath-Taylor will be the first women to play for the Archbishop of Canterbury XI, in a match to encourage stronger relationships between church denominations.

 Ms Heath Taylor is currently in training for priesthood at Trinity College, Bristol and Ms Smith is due to be ordained the day before she heads to Rome for the match.


Ms Smith told Premier it was exciting to help represent positive change within the church.

She said: "The face of women’s sport is changing and the church has caught wind of that.

"And the face of our ecumenical church relationships are changing and improving.

"Thy Kingdom Come at Pentecost last weekend is a great example of this, the number of denominations that are involved in that now is incredible. Pope Francis and Justin Welby worked particularly closely on that."

The two sides will go head to head on Thursday 4th July at the Capannelle Ground in Rome.


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