Sajid Javid

Families arriving in Britain must respect Christian culture, says Communities Secretary

Families immigrating to Britain are being urged by the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to respect the country's Christian culture.

Speaking in Parliament after a government-commissioned review of social integration by Dame Louise Casey, he said reverence towards Christianity "sometimes is lacking".

Mr Javid said: "It's respect for all communities of each other including of immigrant communities, for example, of the dominant Christian culture in this country which sometimes is lacking."

The Communities Secretary also spoke of the contributions made by immigrant families to British life but warned some live "parallel lives" and fail to "embrace the shared values that make Britain great."

Focusing on the need for tolerance and respect, he said: "I'm sure you'll agree with me, when it comes to those - and certainly to respect - it works both ways."

Responding to a question from Labour MP Clive Betts, he went on to say: "So, we've got to make sure we're promoting British values in every sensible way that we can."

Commissioned by David Cameron amid fears hundreds of radicalised British young people were joining Islamic State, the Casey Review made a number of recommendations for boosting social integration.

Warning Britain was becoming more divided as it became more diverse, it called for children to be taught about tolerance, respect and democracy at school.

It also said activities such as sport should be used more to encourage greater mixing among young people, while efforts should be stepped up to stop women being left isolated because they cannot speak English.

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