Exclusive: Matt Redman speaks of new album

Worship leader Matt Redman has told Premier he's just about to start recording his new album.

The US based musician, who won two Grammy Awards back in 2013, explained what we can expect from his new music.


"I'm always in pursuit of reverence," he said. "I never feel like I quite get there but I do keep trying because I think it's so important.

"When you're writing a song, recording an album, leading worship, you have to think about Revelation chapter four and five, the throne room.

"Am I aiming as much as I can to match this up with that? There's a God who's in the centre of everything he's as holy his you could ever fathom. Let's try and aim high with our songs."

Redman's last album, Glory Days, was released in 2017.

His new album will his 16th.

Redman was speaking to Premier ahead of the Thy Kingdom Come Trafalgar Square prayer and worship event for Pentecost.

Thousands are expected to gather at the London landmark on June 9.

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