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EU Election results: how the Christian contenders fared

The EU election results have shown that over 30% of the vote share went to the Brexit Party and that smaller Remain parties increased their numbers at the expense of the main two parties. 

As MEP results come in across the UK, the general picture shows a trend towards decisiveness, with The Brexit Party, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Plaid Cymru and SNP all improving their vote share. 

The Brexit Party have the most seats, with 28, swallowing the 25 UKIP seats from 2014 and coming top in nearly every region in England. 

The Lib Dems won in London, with Labour losing two of their four seats there. 



Labour and Christians on the Left member Sanchia Alasia missed out in London, she told Premier: "These elections were always going to be tough for the Labour Party, both in London where I stood in, and nationally because obviously the country is still - from what we've seen from these election results - quite polarised.

"We've seen the Brexit party get get high results, but we've also seen, you know, Remain parties such as Lib Dems and Greens get high results, so the country is still polarised.

"For London where I stood, we're happy that we got two MEPs elected because they will now go on to Brussels to champion workers' rights, fight against climate change and many other important issues.

"Obviously, the Tories have been virtually wiped out. I think they've only got three MEPs left. They've been totally wiped out in London. So, obviously they've got to reflect on the results in London and also across the country."

The Conservatives won 9% of the vote share and lost 15 seats. 

When asked what she thought of top Labour politicians' Emily Thornberry and Tom Watson's now clear support of a second referendum, Councillor Sanchia Alasia said: "The National Executive Committee will now have a meeting and that will be a very interesting meeting no doubt to discuss what their policy is because MPs will still be split on whether they want Labour to be leading on a Remain agenda because we do have MPs who are members of parliament in very Leave areas.

"The pressure will certainly mount for the NEC take a position of a people's vote and campaign for Remain. I think the pressure is certainly mounting but whether that would actually be adopted, I think that would still remains to be seen.

"I think what this election has taught us is that simple and clear messaging works and I think that's where we, as a party needs to kind of learn from those lessons about the simple clear messaging that resonates with voters."

Remain voters flocked to parties such as the Lib Dems and national centre-left parties, as well as the Green party, who got seven seats. 

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party alongside Sian Berry, and a Christian, told Premier: "I feel quite elated. Yeah, really, really good night for the Greens, something quite significant is happening, I think.

"We had a very clear 'Yes to Europe, No to climate change' message, which has gone over very well and also, put in the context of a wider Green wave which is happening across Europe, people are feeling this is very much standing at a crossroads about the kind of country, the kind of Europe that we want to be - do we want to be building bridges, working with our neighbors to meet the great challenges that we face or are we going to turn in on ourselves and isolate ourselves?

"I'm really encouraged by the huge vote that we received.

He added: "My faith is what leads me be to be in the Green Party and I'm very grateful to all those people who prayed."

Change UK candidate and Christian Andrew Graystone beat Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League but missed out on a seat in the North East, being beaten by two Brexit Party candidates and a Labour winner. 

Brexit Party candidate Ann Widdecombe won in the South West, joining Nigel Farage from the South East region in the European Parliament. 

Conservative party candidate and Christian Dan Boucher lost in Wales, being beaten by two Brexit party politicians, a Labour winner and a Plaid Cymru candidate. 



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