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Delight at number of Christians who stood in England's local elections

The head of a Christian political group has told Premier she's "really encouraged" by the number of Christians who stood in Thursday's local elections across England.

Louise Davies, director of the Labour-affiliated Christians on the Left movement, spoke of optimism despite her party failing to make a breakthrough.

She said: "[I'm] really encouraged by the number of Christians standing this year across all the parties - men and women endeavouring to be light and salt in their councils - so [I'm] very encouraged by what I'm seeing."


Labour took seized control of Plymouth from the Conservatives but lost Bedworth, Derby and Nuneaton. The party also failed to cause predicted upsets in the London boroughs of Wandsworth, Westminster and Kensington.

Louise Davies reflected: "Maybe, they [Labour bosses] were riding on the back of a good general election result and thinking 'we can turn London red' but, maybe, they were too ambitious."

The Conservatives appeared to benefit most from a slump in support for Ukip. The party also gained control of Basildon, Peterborough and Southend but lost control of Trafford in the North West.


Head of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Gareth Wallace also told Premier of his excitement at seeing fresh Christian candidates sweep to victory.

He said: "Lots of people who were relatively new to politics - some standing as first-time candidates, some people who come through our Conservative Christian Fellowship Impact Leadership course -have been elected which is amazing..."

Reflecting on the nationwide results, he said: "[It was] a challenging night for Labour, considering momentum was meant to come...

"Voters; they're the bosses and they've decided that many Conservatives who might have felt they were going to lose their seats - according to the opinion polls, media or speculation - that hasn't happened [to them]."

Click here to listen to Premier's Rosie Wright speaking with Louise Davies at Christians on the Left:

Click here to listen to Premier's Rosie Wright speaking with Gareth Wallace at the Conservative Christian Fellowship:

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