David Suchet: 'My faith is as strong as ever'

Actor David Suchet has rejected media headlines which suggested he was questioning his faith.

The Times newspaper ran with the headline 'Religious fanatics lead Suchet to question his faith' earlier this month. Writing on Twitter, Suchet described it as "bad reporting".



In the interview which followed the headline, Suchet, best known for his role as Hercule Poirot - said creating a ten-part Audible podcast called Question of Faith made him rethink some of his beliefs.

"I'm not a great fan of organised religion," he said. "But that's really as a result of making these fantastic programmes."

Asked how his faith has changed, he added: "More spirituality - Christian spirituality because that's where I was moved towards, but very much away now from doctrine and dogma, which I find very polemical."

Suchet is also known for providing the voice of the Bible used by many online.

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