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Criticism after Cardinal Vincent Nichols tells schools not to encourage transgenderism

The leader of Catholics in England and Wales has gotten backlash after telling school leaders not to encourage children to change their gender.

According to the Daily Mail, Cardinal Vincent Nichols told a group of Catholic school head teachers in London that even if children question their gender identity, schools should not give transgenderism as a possible solution. 

He said that pupils should know that they are part of a society that has “firm points of reference”.


He added: “In an age of fluidity, even in gender identity, and at a time when the response to “difference” is to become closed in a self-selecting world of the like-minded… such foundations are so important. They affirm that there are “givens” which come with birth…”

Cardinal Nichols’ comments last month have recently triggered criticism.

Heather Ashton, head of transgender charity TG Pals told the newspaper: “It is the responsibility of educators to be accepting, tolerant and understanding, and a religious bias should not have any impact on a transgender child’s needs.”

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales is scheduled to discuss its official stance on transgender issues next month.

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