Church funds under scrutiny after govt inquiry

The government charity regulator has appointed an interim manager to a north London-based church network, following an inquiry in 2018 which raised concerns about the handing of funds.

The appointment by the Charity Commission, will seek to address the issues raised during its investigation into Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International - a global family of Pentecostal churches based in the UK.

The inquiry was launched after the charity repeatedly failed to file financial information on time, and made a number of questionable administrative decisions which resulted in significant losses.


Following their investigation, the Commission is concerned over the trustees' unwillingness to report serious incidents, after two alleged cases of fraud by former employees involving significant sums, both of which were not reported until a number of years after the frauds were discovered. In addition to this, the Commission has concerns over the charity's Chair of Trustees conduct.

Questions have also been raised after the charity was found to be in breach of its governing terms by paying three trustee members.

The Charity Commission has said: "Despite the Commission's continued engagement the trustees are still not complying with their legal duties, this includes failing to submit accurate financial accounts on time.

"The Commission has therefore appointed an interim manager whose remit includes reviewing the charity's financial and governance processes, inspecting a number of the charity's branches and their handling of serious incidents. The interim manager assumes these duties at the exclusion of the charity's trustees; the trustees retain control over matters relating to religious activities."


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