Church communities make us happier, says Christian charity

Researchers have found that our home is more important to our happiness than where we work or how much we earn.

A study for The Happiness Research Institute showed nearly three quarters of those who like where they live say they're content with their lives.

Christian charity, Livability believe that this sense of home is best displayed within church community.



Livability's wellbeing advisor, Andy Parnham told Premier: "Belonging, security, family, community, those are the things that make a place into a home.

"One of the greatest strengths of church community life is to provide that sense of security and belonging."

Livability have created 'The Happiness Course' as a resource for local churches, to help them in caring for the well-being of local communities.

Mr Parnham said people need to realise the real things that make them happy: "We live in a very materially orientated society, you have this stuff and it will make you happy and it's true to a degree, but there's parts of our being that don't get satisfied."

He added: "Relationships and having a sense of meaning and purpose - those are the things that really make the well-being."


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