Church backs campaign to get people talking

A day-long experiment encouraging travellers to connect on public transport has been welcomed by a church in Eastbourne.

The initiative that aims to combat isolation and explore the benefits of talking to strangers was rolled out across Buses, coaches, trams and trains on Friday, As part of the Crossing Divides On the Move day.

Pastor Oli Stevens from Kings Church Eastbourne told Premier the transport initiative was a great opportunity to connect with those around us: "So often we get so busy with our lives and forget to look up and look to the people that we are sat amongst and ways that we can show kindness towards them striking up a conversation, leaving a random gift for them or something to try and brighten their day.



Community engagement has been a key focus of church life for many years with congregations across the country serving their neighbours through various outreach initiatives.

Kings Church has been using it's 'Love Eastbourne' project to bless strangers across the town through acts of kindness.

Mr Steven's said it's important to follow Jesus' example: "[Jesus says] if I'm the boss, and I wash your feet, you should wash each other's. I've laid down a pattern for you, and what I've done, you should do as well.

He added: "I think trying to find ways which we can bless and serve the people amongst us, it's something that Jesus so clearly models to us, and there's obviously a great opportunity for us to follow his lead."


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