Christians urged to ShareTheMiracle through Easter eggs

We're still over a month away from Easter but if you've been to the supermarket recently you'll be forgiven for thinking it was sooner.

While the Chocolate eggs are plentiful - it's claimed they could be the ingredient to solving Britain's problems.

The project ShareTheMiracle is encouraging Christians to give eggs away to combat a growing sense of division in our communities.


Founder Dan Usher told Premier's News Hour a small gesture can go a long way.

"We see the Easter egg as a catalyst to what we call little miracles," he said. "The egg that starts a conversation with someone you wouldn't ordinarily speak to. The egg that helps to put a dent in loneliness when a young person reaches out to an elderly member of their community, the possibilities are endless and we encourage everyone to get involved this Easter."


Those looking to take part are being encouraged to work with their church to create a ShareTheMiracle Station

"There's three simple steps," Usher said. "The first one is you invite your church or school community or any other community group to donate chocolate eggs on the run up to Easter. Secondly, give them to those less fortunate in your local community. And thirdly, tell us what happened on social media to encourage and inspire others."

Started in 2013, ShareTheMiracle has already impacted thousands of people.

Giving praise the Lord Mayor of Westminster said: "With the core purpose of encouraging acts of kindness, ShareTheMiracle brought together younger and older people, when otherwise they would have very little engagement in their communities and neighbourhoods.

"The 500 Easter eggs and invitations given away made a lasting a positive impact on those communities touched by simple and effective promotion of compassion and thoughtfulness."

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