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Christians call for new precendent to be set after mentally ill woman's pregnancy is not aborted

Christian pro-life supporters say the case of a mentally ill woman's near-abortion is not a one off.

Christians gathered outside Parliament on Tuesday evening to call for the end of abortions among women who lack decision making capacities.

On Monday, Court of Appeal judges overturned a ruling of the Court of Protection (which makes decision for those who can't make them for themselves) on the future of a mentally ill woman's pregnancy.

The woman, in her twenties, is around 22 weeks pregnant and the circumstances around the conception are unclear.



Staff at the NHS trust in the London area caring for her wanted to terminate the pregnancy, saying it would be in her 'best interests'.

They argued it would cause more harm if the pregnancy went ahead as the woman has a mental age of between six and nine and that she would not know the difference between having a baby and having a doll.

The woman's Catholic mother launched an appeal against the termination decision on Monday and won, with the call being made by Lord Justice McCombe, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Peter Jackson.

The woman's mother had also offered to look after the child herself.

Pro-life supporters have been celebrating but also saying that she will not be the only woman in this position.



Among those rejoicing at the overturned decision is Sister Rosanne, who works at a crisis pregnancy centre in Glasgow and helps women who've had abortions.

She told Premier's News Hour: "Her mother would have known that her grandchild was about to be aborted and so she fought for that child, thank God

"Abortion is not just a Christian issue, for those of us who believe it takes on an added a dimension, but it's a human rights issue. It's about the right to life of the child and the right of the mother.

She praised the support offered by the woman's mother, saying Christians should be ready to give practical help to women who have had or are considering abortion. 

"For Christians, I think the question we need to say to ourselves is, what do we think about women that have had abortions and what do we say to women? And what we need to say is if someone shares an abortion experience with us what they need to hear from us is that we love them and that we love their baby. So we need to say, 'I'm sorry, you lost your baby', because that's exactly what happened. 'How can I help you? That must have been awful? How can I help you?' We are not here to condemn or to judge anybody. We're here simply to support and to love women, both before and after abortion."

A gathering had been planned for Tuesday evening before the abortion decision was overturned, involving groups such as the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, CBR UK, Good Counsel Network, London Irish United for Life, March For Life UK, Life Charity, Society for Protection of Unborn Children, Rachel’s Vineyard and Right To Life UK.

The organisers said the gathering aimed to: "Show our solidarity with this woman, her baby and her wider family who have had to go through this terrible ordeal."

And to "stand in solidarity with all women who have been forced into an abortion in the UK, as unfortunately it likely that this is not a one-off case and we will be calling on the Department of Health to urgently reveal how many women have been forced by a hospital to have an abortion against their will in the UK and make it clear how they will ensure no women and family will ever have to go through this again."



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