Christians Against Poverty

Christian debt charity worth £32 million to UK economy

Research by the London School of Economics has found the debt charity, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) contributes £32 million to the UK economy.

The university discovered that for every pound the Christian debt charity spent, it benefitted the wider society four times as much.

The LSE also said CAP provides 'crucial' face-to-face support and goes far beyond simple debt advice.

Christians Against Poverty was founded by John Kirkby in Bradford in 1996.

He believed God was calling him to sacrifice his career in finance and use his knowledge of the industry to help the poor.

His faith adventure led him to people crippled by debt such as parents who couldn't feed their children or families facing eviction.

He used his expertise to negotiate with creditors, set up budgeting systems and offer a lifeline to those trapped in debt.

Now, CAP has grown to 645 projects with churches across the UK including job clubs and training in life skills as well as debt advice.

CAP features in an hour-long documentary entitled "The Debt Saviours" on BBC2 this (Friday) evening at 9pm.

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