Christian charity reveals 40 percent of young adults struggle with anxiety

A new large scale study of young people shows four in ten young people are anxious about important decisions and uncertain about the future.

Christian research organisation Barna Group partnered with international Christian children's charity World Vision to survey more than 15,000 young adults across 25 countries.

The report, 'The Connected Generation', found that the extent of anxiety and uncertainty are often related to finances and vocation, and only one third of respondents say they feel deeply cared for by those around them.


The survey also looked at young people's attitude toward religion and faith and its role in their lives.

It found that levels of loneliness, isolation and anxiety were fairly high across all participants, but those who are engaged in a religion had key mentors and friends which could help keep combat loneliness.

The survey found that only 19 per cent of those with a faith felt lonely and isolated, as opposed to 31 percent of those with no religious affiliation.

Tim Pilkington, CEO of World Vision UK said, "It is great to see a young generation who feel connected to the world around them and care about what is going on in the world.

"But the high levels of anxiety facing this generation is deeply worrying. I hope this report will help individuals, churches and communities find ways to establish better, meaningful connections and make a tangible difference."

Barna Group and World Vision will unpack key findings from the study at the Faith for the Future webcast (featuring Christine Caine, Francis Chan, Nicky Gumbel, Dr Krish Kandiah, and Jo Saxton) which will take place Tuesday evening from 6pm.

Listen to Dr Krish Kandiah speaking to Premier's Cara Bentley here:

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