Christian charity launch new resource to support students’ mental well being

The Student Christian Movement has launched ‘Well Beings’, a practical guide to good mental health for students.

Produced in partnership with Space to Breathe, the resource is a response to a recent survey of students that showed over 90 percent of students have had mental health problems or are supporting someone who has poor mental health.

Earlier this week, a survey found two-thirds of students support their mental health issues being disclosed to their parents in extreme circumstances.



There have been concerns about student suicides and the survey indicates worsening levels of anxiety on campus.

The study of more than 14-thousand undergraduates by the Higher Education Policy Institute also discovered university students are significantly more anxious than other young people are.

The resource covers themes such as where to find help, how to face anxiety and how to build resilience.

Each topic is presented along with simple, practical activities to help students develop good mental health.

Lisa Murphy, Acting National Coordinator, said: “Recent research confirms that poor mental health among students is a widespread problem, showing that only 14 percent of students are satisfied with life, and only 17 percent feel their life is worthwhile.

“In response to this we’ve created a resource for students which addresses these symptoms of poor well being and mental ill health, and provides practical steps students can take to reflect, gain perspective and develop coping strategies to prevent issues from worsening.”

The resource has been published as part of a year-long focus on Student Mental Well being and can be downloaded for free from the SCM website.

Emilia De Luca, a Trustee of SCM and Access and Inclusion representative said: “The Student Christian Movement believes that every student can have life to the full at university, and that good mental health is an important part of living fully.

“We hope that this resource will give students the confidence to ask for help when they need it and reassure them that they do not have to face these issues alone.”


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