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Christian campaigners deliver petition on modern slavery

Christian campaigners on modern slavery have today delivered a petition to the Home Office.

A number of organisations including CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) are asking the UK Government to back the Modern Slavery Victim Support Bill.

The bill, which is sponsored by Lord McColl of Dulwich and Iain Duncan Smith MP, would guarantee that all confirmed victims of slavery in England and Wales would receive comprehensive support including accommodation, counselling, healthcare, a support worker and legal advice for at least 12 months after the authorities grant them victim status, instead of the current 45 days.

The campaigners say it would also guarantee their immigration status for the first 12 months to ensure the victims can focus on recovering and rebuilding their lives free from worrying about the threat of deportation, often back to countries which wouldn't guarantee their protection from their traffickers.

Speaking to Premier, CARE's Senior Policy Officer on Human Trafficking, Louise Gleich said: "There have been over 60,000 different actions that the public have taken to show their support for Lord McColl's Bill and to show that victims of modern slavery really need much longer support than the government is currently providing.

"If victims don't have protection, support and stability, then they can't give evidence to police in the courts, which means that traffickers go free and the cycle of exploitation just continues."

Over 5,000 emails have been sent to MPs as part of the Free for Good campaign.

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