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Christian MPs react to Trump cancelling UK visit

US President Donald Trump has sparked controversy after he revealed on Twitter that he has cancelled his visit to the UK.

President Trump confirmed he will not travel to the UK to open the new American embassy, and hit out at the location of the $1.2 billion (£886 million) project.

His announcement prompted a wave of tweets from MPs, who suggested they did not want him to come in the first place.



Christian and Labour MP Stephen Doughty told Sky News Trump's visit could have caused a dangerous situation.

He said: "I think Britain has a great tradition of very non-violent and peaceful protests but, on the other hand, there were some very serious concerns already raised about the types of disorder and division that could be seen if Donald Trump came here."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan suggested the real reason why Trump cancelled his visit has nothing to do with embassy, but due to the prospective of him facing protests.

Christian and Labour MP Marsha de Cordova represents Battersea, where the new American embassy stands. She told Sky News that Mr Trump isn't welcome in her constituency.

"This isn't somebody that is about bringing nations and countries together.

"Everything he does is being divisive and it's about separating people and setting groups and communities off against one another," she said.

While various comments by Trump on social media have caused backlash, the president still maintains his avid support with Christian leaders.

In an interview with Premier earlier this week, Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr's niece, told Premier she considers President Trump "a friend", and she has supported him and prayed for him throughout his presidency.

She added: "There are many who love Donald Trump, Christian and non-Christian, and many who do not, but love never fails.

"According to the Bible, we should pray for him; he's in authority and we will have peaceful lives."

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