Christian MPs join debate on LGBT lessons for primary schools

A Christian MP has said the "enforced teaching" of LGBT relationships in schools against the will of a parent is "not acceptable in any way, shape or form".

DUP MP Jim Shannon was speaking during a debate in the House of Commons over the ongoing protests at Birmingham's Anderton Park Primary School.

Some parents there have protested over the lessons which they say 'normalises' same sex relationships.


From September next year, all schools will be invited to introduce the idea of LGBT relationships as part of the curriculum.

The Department for Education will advise that the lessons are age appropriate and take into account the religious backgrounds of pupils.

It also insists that the lessons "don't promote" LGBT relationships, rather, they educate.

Speaking about the wider issue, Mr Shannon (pictured below) said: "I recently read a post which said it is not about homosexuality, heterosexuality, or trans sexuality.

"Stop promoting sexuality to our kids full stop. Let kids be kids. We need to protect the innocence of our children at all costs."

Parliament TV


Christian Labour MP Stephen Doughty, who is also gay, however suggested that the issue had been blown out of proportion.

He said the protests at the school were due to a small number of individuals "whipping this up, creating a myth and creating fear".

Twitter/Stephen Doughty


The Commons debate comes ahead of a ruling expected this summer over the rights of parents to protest at Anderton Park School.

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