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Christian MP praises Premier and the Church’s efforts to tackle youth violence

Dame Caroline Spelman, the Conservative MP for Meriden, has highlighted both Premier and the Church’s efforts to end youth violence in the country.

Spelman, who acts as a link between the Church of England and the Government in Parliament, told members that a number of churches are actively involved in quelling the violence. 

Speaking on behalf of the Church Commissioners she said: “The Church does use its community halls and facilities, particularly to reach out to young people – there are a number of examples of that.


“But also, specially, could I sight the work of Premier Christian Radio who broadcast from London and have raised awareness of this issue of youth violence and what the Church can do to help.”


She also insisted the Church does provide role models when asked by Daniel Kawczynski, Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham how the Church can help communities in this area.

“I think it’s very well known that the Church does provide role models for young people, such as youth workers in the community,” she said  

“We work alongside young people in schools, in those youth groups, in congregations.

“Our clergy, teachers and members of our congregations are supporting young people who are at risk of getting caught up in violence and their families and supporting young people in referral units.”

Thousands of people have signed up to Premier’s ‘Peace on our Streets’ campaign, connecting with people to pray for young people in their towns and boroughs.

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