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Christian MP facing deselection over abortion vote

A Christian SNP fears she could soon be out of a job because of her views on abortion.

Reports suggest Dr Lisa Cameron is the only Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) MP who has not been approved to stand in the next general election, expected later this year.

The MP says activists in the party who disagreed with her decision to vote against lifting Northern Ireland's abortion ban are behind the decision.


According to The Times, SNP members have been asked to vote on whether they want sitting MPs to stand again or whether an internal selection should take place.

Dr Cameron has been subject to much abuse online following her vote in July.

She said she went against her party as a matter of conscience based around her faith and her experience of two late term miscarriages.

The vote was a free vote, meaning she wouldn't be disciplined for going against her party.

Pro-life group Right to Life UK has been speaking out for the MP.

Spokesperson Catherine Robinson said: "It is disgraceful that this MP should face deselection and receive such abuse for voting to protect unborn babies and in favour of not imposing abortion, which is a devolved matter, on Northern Ireland.

"If she is deselected from the SNP, it would show the intolerance of pro-life views and those who respect and wish to defend the right to life of all human beings, born or unborn, within the party."

Premier has contacted Dr Cameron for comment.

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