Chris Evans claims he's addicted to running after God told him to start

Radio and TV personality Chris Evans has said that he believes a sign from God pushed him to start running, and that he is now addicted to it.

The 53-year-old, who took part in the London Marathon in April, wrote in The Sunday Times Magazine that he started running "because God told me to".

"I swear this is precisely what happened," he insisted.


"Approximately five years ago, I was driving back from London to Berkshire on my regular commute when, just as I was approaching Virginia Water in Windsor Great Park, a voice from somewhere (definitely not mine and I think from up above) instructed me to pull into the car park and try to run around the lake.

"Which I duly did, no arguments, no hesitation, as if I didn't have a choice."

The Virgin Radio host said he ran for around ten minutes "before I even began to question what universal force had taken me over".


He said he felt an "inner sense of achievement" unlike any other he had felt in years.

The broadcaster's whose battle with alcohol and party-heavy lifestyle was well documented in his younger days in the 1990s, said that the improvement he felt throughout his body within the first few days of running was "exponential".

He added: "Fast-forward to the here and now: I'm a stone lighter, I've managed six marathons, countless half-marathons, loads of fun runs and park runs, still shuffling whenever I can, wherever I can, however I can.

"Am I addicted? Almost certainly. But what a fantastic addiction."

Evans previously revealed he's had meetings with the Archbishop of York as he grapples with the idea of God.

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