Child sends letter to 'dad in heaven' and gets response

A little girl was thrilled after posting a birthday card to her "dad in heaven" and then receiving a reply.

Six-year-old Hollie Morgan's father, Nigel Morgan, died last year and Hollie sent a handmade card to her dad who would have been 47 this October.

Royal Mail responded to Hollie, writing to her to let her know that her card had been safely delivered after "avoiding stars and other galetic objects en route to heaven."



Hollie's mum, Laura Allen told the Daily Mirror: "She wanted to wish her dad a happy birthday… she wrote it and put, "To dad in Heaven" on the envelope, and we took it to the post office.

Laura from Widnes in Cheshire said: "I got the post and one of the letters said Hollie's name on it… She was so happy about it. It was wonderful."

Hollie's dad Nigel was a veteran of the Royal Logistic Corps.


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