Bishop Stephen Cottrell talks Christianity on Russell Brand's podcast

The bishop of Chelmsford has teased a conversation he had with comedian Russell Brand, saying it was like 'a long bath'.

Brand's podcast Under The Skin features conversations with thinkers and authors on topics such as democracy, truth and beauty and often covers subjects that are moral or political.

On 8th June, the conversation with Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell will be released in which they talk about the relavance of Christianity today.



Trailing it in a video on Twitter together, Brand said: "You gotta listen to Under the Skin this week because I'm with Bishop Stephen Cottrell - you're an actual bishop!

"I'm a real bona fide bishop!" he replied.

When asked to summarise what they spoke about, Bishop Stephen said: "I think it started off with a book that I've written that you came across reflecting on Stanley Spencer's paintings.

Brand continued: "That's right and we use that as a launch pad to talk about Christ in the wilderness, the relevance of Christ today, what are the principles of Christianity? What what is the value of Christianity in an advanced capitalist society?

"It was a very, very, very lovely conversation and I think what's what's beautiful for me is having a conversation where you can actually spend time talking about these things, because in our sound-bite culture everybody wants a quick answer a quick fix and I felt our conversation was a long bath rather than a shower.

"I'm glad you're a metaphor in which we are both naked and immersed in water, you being a bishop and me being a roguish comic.

"I know, better not say anymore 'til my to my lawyer gets here".



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