Birmingham to build national landmark celebrating the power of prayer

A new landmark is set to be built near Birmingham to represent one million Christian prayers.

The Wall of Answered Prayer will be made up of one million bricks, each one telling a unique story of how Jesus has intervened in someone's life and answered their prayer.

The public art piece is due to be completed for Birmingham's 2022 Commonwealth Games and allows visitors to interact with the sculpture and read the prayers via their smart phones.

The Wall Project CEO, Richard Gamble says the structure has been designed as a legacy of the Christian faith and with the hope of inspiring the nation to pray.



Speaking to Premier he said: "The idea is that people when they come to this monument will be able to type in their circumstance or situation and find a story that is similar to what they're going through and they'll be able to read how another Christian has coped with that situation, how they pray, and how God has answered.

"This country has a Christian heritage and we want to preserve it with all those stories and answer prayers that have happened not only in this generation, but through the whole history of this country."

Following a global design competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the winning submission by Snug Architects features a Mobius strip, a non-orientable surface which seemingly has no beginning and no end, to interpret the project's message that Jesus answers prayer.

The structure has been referred to as the Landmark of Hope, will sit between the M6, M42 and HS2 as a bold proclamation of the Christian faith to hundreds of thousands of passers-by every day.

Mr Gamble added: "It is time for the church in this country to be bold and I think it's time for us to say what we believe."


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