Biblical scholars pay tribute to N.T. Wright on his 70th birthday

Twenty-eight Biblical experts from the around the world have written a collection of essays for a new book in celebration of the work of N.T. Wright.

The Biblical scholar, who also writes as Tom Wright, is the author of over 40 books. He has also been awarded 15 honorary degrees to date in recognition of his work.

He was the Bishop of Durham from 2003-2010 and is now a Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

The editors of the new volume, John Anthony Dunne and Eric Lewellen had this message for their fellow Biblical scholar:
"It is with great joy and affection that we present this collection of essays to N. T. Wright on the occasion of his seventieth birthday (1 December 2018) in celebration of his illustrious career. After four years of private meetings, collecting and editing essays, and multiple emails.

"We are thrilled that we can finally present this volume to our esteemed honorand. The present volume is offered to Tom as a token of appreciation from students, colleagues and friends who have been inspired and challenged by his stimulating scholarship and pastoral insights.

"We wish to extend our deep gratitude to him as someone who, through service and scholarship, has pointed us all to the One God for the building up of his One People with hope for his One Future."
Wright is one of the most influential current theologians in the world.
The book highlights his contribution to New Testament theology and interpretation over the last four decades.

It is structured in three parts, according to the three categories of classic Jewish theology that Wright identifies as starting points for discerning the shape of New Testament theology: monotheism, election and eschatology.

Contributors include the Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, Michael Lloyd and Emeritus Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of St Andrews, Richard Bauckham.
The title of the book is:
One God, One People, One Future
Essays in honour of N. T. Wright
Edited by John Anthony Dunne & Eric Lewellen

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