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Ann Widdecombe suggests investigation into police handling of 'misgendering row'

The police who investigated a Catholic journalist accused of calling a transgender woman a man on social media should face a probe themselves, Ann Widdecombe has suggested.

In her regular newspaper column, the outspoken Christian commentator and former politician said Surrey police could be investigated for discrimination over their treatment of Caroline Farrow.

Writing for the Daily Express, she said: "Surrey police need never again plead that they are short of cash or manpower, having spent five months investigating a woman who 'misgendered' someone on Twitter.


"The woman in question, Caroline Farrow, is a devout Catholic, so why doesn't somebody investigate the Surrey police for religious discrimination? Just a thought."

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The boss of a charity which supports transgender people alleged that Ms Farrow 'misgendered' her daughter in comments posted on Twitter last year.

The alleged comments were made after the two women appeared together on ITV's Good Morning Britain programme to discuss a new transgender policy implemented by Girl Guides.


Susie Green insisted the alleged 'misgendering' of her daughter was not the sole reason for her police complaint.

Premier reported last week how Ms Green decided to withdraw her complaint, meaning Ms Farrow would face no further action.

She told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme: "She constantly refers to my daughter as a boy but...the key issues in here weren't those.


"It was the really damaging things that she said about me and my actions that made me decide that this was an appropriate course of action."

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