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'A sense of public duty that never wavered', Archbishop of Canterbury praises Theresa May following resignation

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has paid tribute to the Prime Minister.

This morning, Theresa May made an announcement outside Downing Street, telling the world she would be stepping down as Conservative leader on Friday, June 7.

The head of the Church of England tweeted a series of messages, praising her for showing "determination, resilience and a sense of public duty that has never wavered".



He said: "That is a service to us all that deserves our admiration and gratitude."

He also asked people to take a moment to "pause and pray for her and her husband, Philip, whose support has been unwavering, and for all those around them working to ensure a smooth transition into new leadership."

The Prime Minister talked about her "deep regret" that she had not been able to deliver Brexit.

Mrs May said, however, that she was "right to persevere" with her withdrawal agreement, "even when the odds against success seemed high".


Photo: PA

Photo: PA


The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has said whoever does take over should call a general election.

Backing the claim on Premier's News Hour, Christian Labour MP, Stephen Timms said: "We will press for a general election and I think that would be the right thing.

"I think the country needs to have the chance to say, is this the person who we want to lead the country over the next few years?"

"We need to be frank the premiership has not been a success.

"It's difficult to work out what's going to happen next because a successor will have an equally difficult job on their hands.

"But what's unquestionably the case is that Theresa May hasn't been able to find a way forward."

Christian Conservative MP and close friend of Theresa May, Dame Caroline Spelman told Premier: "I think the qualities that she had of determination and resilience, I don't think anyone doubts for a second that she gave it her all and it will be hard for successors to match."

"It shows the great sense of vocation that she had in politics and we know that she has strong faith."

Mrs May will stay on as Prime Minister until her party chooses a replacement.

Boris Johnson is currently the favourite to succeed her.


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