A-Z: things you might have missed in 2018

Lots happened in 2018. With Brexit dominating the news agenda, you'll be forgiven for missing some stories. Here's your chance to catch up with our helpful A-Z. Click on the images to read each story:

A is for Alex Malarkey

After admitting making up his journey to heaven following a near death experience as a child, the now 20 year old decided to take action against the publishers of his book which told his story. He claimed they made "millions of dollars" while giving him, "a paralysed young man, nothing".


B is for burka

The Muslim clothing was back in the spotlight after some controversial comments from former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. It seemed everyone in politics wanted a say on the matter. Ruth Davidson led the way, calling on Christians to defend the burka like you defend the cross.


C is for climate campaigners

They promised us a climate change "rebellion". While maybe not as impactful as the wording suggested, these Christians certainly made their point made.


D is for Dutch church

If you've ever felt your church service was going on too long, check out the lengths this church went to protect an asylum seeking family.

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E is for empty churches

Church attendance continued to decline through 2018. One woman claimed she knew why. Step forward X-Factor's Sharon Osbourne


F is for film

Well one film in particular (it doesn't begin with F!)... Voices of the Silenced, telling the story of those who have left gay lifestyles, had its premiere banned by Vue cinemas. Find out why here.


G is for Google Home

The digital assistant created to answer all our questions. Except, at one point this year, it didn't know who Jesus was.


H is for Hillsong

The Australian based mega church is often making the news but this year it was winning some pretty big awards too.


I is for Imam

Blackburn Cathedral was forced to explain itself after an Imam was filmed reciting a Muslim call to prayer inside the church.


J is Jim Caviezel

Hollywood Jesus is back after a sequel was announced for Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ. Caviezel says the new movie will be "the biggest film in history",


K is for Kenneth Copeland Ministries

The Charity Commission took action after the charity released a video encouraging people to "inoculate yourself with the word of God" in order to not get flu. Take a look at what Gloria Copeland had to say


L is for Lucozade

The drinks company took inspiration from the biblical story of David for its latest advertising campaign. We all know it was an energy drink which helped kill Goliath right?


M is for Michael Cleere

Premier said farewell to the much loved presenter. The host of Worship at Home, Night Light and That Friday Feeling became a listener favourite through his witty and humorous presenting style.


N is for Newport

How amazing to see this Newport church take to the car park for their Sunday service after their building was destroyed in a fire.


O is for Ocado

Whose idea was it to stock this?


P is for Peterborough

After Soul Survivor made the move east - visitors to New Wine will follow suit next year.


Q is for Queen (what else begins with Q?)

The Queen headed to a special service marking the 150th anniversary of Scripture Union


R is for Father Ray Kelly

Not content with going viral on YouTube a couple of years back, Fr Ray wowed audiences including Simon Cowell as he competed on ITV's Britain's Got Talent.


S is for Soul Survivor

The youth event announced it was going to finish in 2019. Leader Mike Pilavachi wants other organisations to take a lead of other events.


T is for Tim Peake

He's been to space and now he's been to Peterborough Cathedral. He had some interesting things to say while at the church.


U is for U2

The Irish rockers were some on many paying tribute to Message Bible translator Eugene Peterson. The American author lost his battle with illness.


V is for Veggie Tales

In one of the stranger stories of 2018, the children's TV show was accused of being racist.


W is for Bishop of Worcester

The man in the dog collar is normally conducting the marriage service not taking part in it!


X is for X Factor Malta

The singing competition found itself in controversy after telling the story of an ex-gay contestant. It furthered the controversy by removing any mention of the story online.


Y is for yelling

The Mayor on London's not impressed with the dialogue of his fellow politicians. He thinks they can learn some things from Christians.


Z is for zip wire

What a way to begin your sermon...

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