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74 people accept Jesus after Christianity Explored reaches Albania

Dozens of people have become Christians, less than a year since Christianity Explored expanded into a Muslim-majority country in south-eastern Europe.

Organisers say 74 people have accepted Jesus as their Saviour since the programme was translated into Albanian and launched in the country.

Ian Roberts of Christianity Explored said: "We've been thrilled to hear how well received Christianity Explored has been by the Albanian church.


"It's less than a year since we were over in Tirana [Albania's capital, pictured below] launching the course, and already plans to print Discipleship Explored as a follow on are almost finalised.

Christianity Explored Ministries


"We thank God for the team who've made this happen and the people who have heard the gospel through their endeavours."

Since the launch in May last year, the number of churches and local Christians having access to Christianity Explored in Albania has almost doubled - to 84.

Thomas Quine/Flickr/Creative Commons


Almost 3,000 Christianity Explored workbooks have been distributed, while 300 pastors and small group leaders have been taught how to use them.

One of the poorest countries in Europe, Albania was communist until 1991. Approximately 20 per cent are Christians - largely a mix of Orthodox and Catholic.

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