3 times Boris Johnson has spoken to Premier about faith

With the new Prime Minister set to be given the keys to Downing Street, Premier has been delving into the archives to find the times Boris Johnson has spoken to us about faith.

Here's what we found:


On his personal faith


While the vast majority of his predecessors have been vocal about their Christian faith, Johnson has remained coy on the issue. He did however attempt to describe his faith using an interesting analogy:

"I suppose my own faith, you know, it's like a bit like trying to get Virgin Radio when you're driving through the Chilterns. It sort of comes and goes. I mean sometimes the signal is strong, and then sometimes I'm afraid it just vanishes. And then it comes back again."


On the importance of prayer


Boris Johnson attended the Global Day of Prayer at the former stadium of West Ham United as Mayor of London. While he prayed with the estimated 10,000 gathered he later labelled a campaign by the National Secular Society to ban parliamentary prayers "cobblers".

"Irrespective of your religious views, the fact is that every day Parliament begins prayers, for Her Majesty and indeed for all politicians, that they should govern justly. And it's a very, very interesting moment because politicians, everybody, no matter what their beliefs, they all pray and they think about the sacred trust that they've been given by the people and I think it's quite a good thing, whatever they may think about the existence or non-existence of God or whatever.
"It's quite a good thing that they should focus briefly in a moment of prayer, which is a unique period of personal reflection, they should focus on what they're doing and the importance of what they're doing. And so that's why I think it works and I think that any attempts to ban it would be misguided."


On social action and evangelism


As a vocal supporter of faith groups while Mayor of London, Johnson attended a conference hosted by the Street Pastors. There he said he had no problem with Christian organisations coupling up social action and evangelism.

"Faith groups who want to slip in the odd coded message in favour of salvation...I have absolutely no problem with that and why not?
One of the things that I think has been going wrong in the last few years is we've got a slightly politically correct super sensitivity to anything that can be remotely classed as religious advocacy and frankly I've got no difficulty with it whatsoever."

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